product passive components

Space, airborne and ground based RADAR, communications platforms

Types of components:
Custom designed wave-guide filters with form-fit shape and RF characteristic
Electronically tunable filters

Typical performance features:
Narrow and broadband, tailored cut-off frequencies and slope, electronically controllable, high-Q factor, highly linear transfer characteristics

Filter designs using a variety of technologies: waveguide filters, waffle iron low pass filters, combline filters, and printed circuit filters. For instance, the NWF-6083975-43 X-band, high power waffle iron filter provides low insertion loss, good return loss, and serves to clean up harmonics up to 30 GHz. Nanowave has a wide variety of pre-engineered and available filter solutions.

Similarly, the NWF-6083975-49 L-band, high power combline filter offers low insertion loss, good return loss, custom foot print.