X-Band Avionic Weather Radar Transceiver
with Up- / Down-Converter, Pout = 45.5 dBm,
NF < 2.5 dB, -25 degC to +70 degC

Our design and manufacturing history covers more than 25 years of proven quality products in Avionic Weather Radar front-end transceivers and transmitter sub-systems to global suppliers of advanced components and subsystems to the world’s leading aerospace prime contractors. NANOWAVE Technologies’ products are DO-160 aerospace environment compliant and “On time-To-Request” (OTR) performance goes above and beyond industry standards. We link our supply chain to customer demand to remain dynamically responsive.

Our focus is on cost control, long-term consistency and obsolescence management over the platform’s 20 plus year lifetime. NANOWAVE deliver custom designs, combined with continuous technology upgrades and long-term service and support. Critical NANOWAVE products found in the leading commercial airliners include X-band Radar Transceiver Sub-Systems, high-power SSPAs and INMARSAT Transmitters.

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