Ku- (10 W) and Ka-Band (4 W) Transceivers for New Space Communication Satellite Constellation

NANOWAVE has a cost-efficient and innovative approach for the Design and Manufacturing of Space-grade RF Payloads.

We provide essential parts of the RF Payload, like Transceivers, to one of the larger LEO satellite constellations. More than 700 RF Payload sub-systems are currently in Orbit and prove NANOWAVE’s  Space capabilities. The GaN technology used offers superior output power, efficiency and radiation hardiness up to Ku- and Ka-band frequencies.

Our high-power Radar Transceivers with more than 4 kW peak output power at X-band are used for advanced LEO Earth Observation applications. The SSPA cores utilize GaN technology in combination with proprietary amplifier design elements allowing for graceful degradation behavior.

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