NW4080-10 4 to 8 GHz Cryogenic LNA for ALMA Radio Astronomy Antenna Array

Toperational = 12K, NT < 5 K

The Industrial markets use of microwave amplifiers span a broad range of applications. NANOWAVE Technologies high precision amplifiers are used in high energy physics laboratories around the world to help detect the signatures of subatomic particles, or to cool atoms to stillness (Stochastic Cooling).

We delivered cryogenically cooled low-noise amplifiers to the ALMA Radio Astronomy Project which operate at 12 K offering a noise temperature of less than 5 K over 4 to 8 GHz bandwidth.

Our systems can be used for advanced science or precision heating, for data links, or for control of high power systems. NANOWAVE supports medical device OEMs with Thin Film components, RF amplifiers, and SSPA’s. Each product offer is backed by our experienced engineering service and supply chain management teams.

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