Radar and Communication Components and Sub-Systems for Space, Avionics, Naval, and Ground-based Applications


Founded in 1992, NANOWAVE Technologies employs more than 200 engineers and production personnel in Canada, the US and Europe.

Using its vertically integrated technology platform, the company has shipped more than 30,000 solid state weather radar and cockpit communications transceivers deployed on Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer commercial airframes.

NANOWAVE manufactures High-Power Solid-State Transceivers for Earth Observation LEO satellites as well as LNAs and SSPAs based T/R units for a major LEO satellite communications constellation with more than 6,000 Payload modules operating in Space today, see SPACE.

Our highly-efficient Transceiver products support conventional, single antenna designs as well as phased-array, electronically-scanned antenna architectures.

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Extreme Environmental Conditions
Operational Temperature range, Radiation Hardiness, Vibration Insensitivity Qualification

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Updated Product Brief: Electronically Tunable Filters

January 26th, 2024|

NANOWAVE Technologies Inc. has updated the X-Band Electronically Tunable Filter (ETF) products. Visit our Product page at: https://www.nanowavetech.com/products/electronically-tunable-filters-etf/   Please read here for further info: NWETF8010-10-News_Release_120823.pdf

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