CertifiedNANOWAVE Technologies Inc. is a fully ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D qualified design and manufacturing company.

Passive Components


Filter designs using a variety of technologies: waveguide filters, waffle iron low pass filters, combline filters, and printed circuit filters. For instance, the NWF-6083975-43 X-band, high power waffle iron filter provides low insertion loss, good return loss, and serves to clean up harmonics up to 30 GHz. Nanowave has a wide variety of pre-engineered and available filter solutions.

Similarly, the NWF-6083975-49 L-band, high power combline filter offers low insertion loss, good return loss, custom foot print.


Model NumberBandType (HP, LP, BP, Notch)Technology (W/G, Coax, Microstrip)Low Frequency GHz (3dB)High Frequency GHz (3dB)Insertion Loss (dB)
NWF_6083975-49 L-bandBPCombline1.741.86<0.5