CertifiedNANOWAVE Technologies Inc. is a fully ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D qualified design and manufacturing company.


Synthesizers, DRO and STALO

Nanowave Technologies offers high reliability, low-phase-noise, high-coherence, sources for airborne and ground based RADAR and communications platforms. Nanowave Technologies supply narrow-band (Stable Local Oscillators) STALO, full band synthesizers, DRO and Phase-locked DRO single frequency oscillators, and Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) sources. The units leverage Nanowave's in-house high reliability MHMIC process and proprietary low phase noise synthesizer and oscillator architectures. Multiband (e.g. 1-20GHz or 18-40GHz) sources are available for custom applications.

Special Features:

  • Full custom design available
  • Drop-In modules or stand-alone units
  • External or Internal References
  • Airborne Radar and Telecommunication Systems
  • Exceptionally low g-sensitivity for high vibration and shock performance
  • Terrestrial Radar Systems
  • DRO-based, synthesizer-based, or DDS for full array of functions