Specialized and Custom Designed RF Components and Subsystems
NANOWAVE Technologies’ RF Components are designed to exceed customer expectations
of quality and performance. The Company’s vertical integration of the manufacturing and
quality process allows us to turn around product quickly to meet customer demands. Our
vertical integrated capabilities also provide us with the flexibility to expedite unscheduled ramp
up of customer demands..
Electronically Tunable Filters (ETF)
Center Frequency:
3 dB Bandwidth:
Gain @ fc (typically):
Flatness cross 200 MHz:
Rejection Ratio:
Operating Temperature:
Control Interface:

Full Data Sheet available below!

5 to 10 GHz
190 kHz (customizable)
4 dB
< ± 2.5 dB
> 50 dBc
-20 to +60 °C
USB (customizable)
Cryogenically Cooled Low-Noise Amplifier
(for the Band 3 Rx of Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA))
Noise Figure:
Noise Temperature:
Operating Temperature:
DC Power Consuption:
4 to 8 GHz
35 dB
< 1 dB
< 1 dB @ 25 °C
< 3.5 K @ 12 K ambient temp.
12 K
< 2 mW

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Below is a list of RF modules and active and passive components which are available
in both, sub-assembly level and as packaged modules.