CertifiedNANOWAVE Technologies Inc. is a fully ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D qualified design and manufacturing company.


Key avionics supplier on commercial aircraft

Nowhere in the private sector is safety, reliability and performance more essential, than in commercial aviation. Nanowave Technologies is a global supplier of advanced components and subsystems to the world's leading aerospace prime contractors. Nanowave Technologies' products are DO-160 aerospace environment compliant and "On time-To-Request" (OTR) performance goes above and beyond industry standards. We link our supply chain to customer demand to ensure we remain dynamically responsive.

Our customer focus is not just on product performance and cost control of major programs, but also long-term consistency and obsolescence management over the platforms 20 plus year life. It is our ability to deliver custom designs, combined with continuous upgrades and long-term service and support that make Nanowave the partner of choice. Critical Nanowave products found in the leading commercial airliners include X-band radar send/receive sub-systems, high power SSPAs and Inmarsat transceivers.