CertifiedNANOWAVE Technologies Inc. is a fully ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100D qualified design and manufacturing company.

Obsolescence Management

Supporting long product life cycles

Many of Nanowave Technologies customers require on-going product support for 20-year product life cycles and beyond. To meet this customer commitment, Nanowave has developed a robust obsolescence management protocol to anticipate component end-of-life (EOL) thresholds,  and proactively manage inventories of these parts, often at the die (least expensive) level.

We monitor industry databases like GIDEP and survey our major suppliers to keep a constant view of our potential obsolescence issues. In some cases, Nanowave even designs form-fit-function replacements for EOL parts. Using this strategy of die stocking, parts monitoring, and replacement part design, you can be assured your product life cycle will not be interrupted.